Hotel Utah Open Mic Feature Spot

Before I get started, I want to thank Brendan Getzell who hosts the open mic at the Utah, and the Utah itself for being ‘The ‘Ute”. You both rock!!! Literally 🙂

I’ve wanted to feature at the Utah for some time and finally, that day came. I played on July 23rd as the featured performer at the Hotel Utah Open Mic! That may not seem like much to a lot of people but it had significance to me for a few reasons.

Firstly, this means that I’ve now been the featured performer at the two biggest and best open mics in the city (if you ask me), Hotel Utah and Red Devil Lounge. That to me is a milestone in my musical career even if it’s just two thirty minute sets at the most popular open mics, it was a big step to an amateur like me.

Secondly, I played the whole gig with a nylon string guitar and no pick, with a drummer. We had only practiced like that one time but it felt really cool and I liked how the accents of the songs changed, even if ever so slightly. I love to do things a little differently from time to time – you don’t always find something cool but every now and then something cool comes from it. I forget at times that just a simple key change or different meter can completely alter a song and I think it’s an amazing tool for exploring the boundaries of music, especially your own creations.

Another highlight to me was that the Utah is right in my backyard; I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a good many years and I even host a small low-key open mic at The Creamery on Wednesday nights from 7-9PM every week. Doing things like this: the feature at an awesome open mic, right in my backyard; right in my home neighborhood where I know a lot of people – yeah, it was a good week. 🙂

The Creamery in SoMa where I host an open mic as mentioned above (plug).

I want to thank everyone who came to see the open mic or were just there otherwise – the crowd was great and I had a lot compliments after which usually make me glow for a few days. Playing live and knowing that some people actually like what you’re doing is euphoric at times. I really do feel good for a few days after and it tends to help my overall state of mind. Just playing music alone will do that for me, but playing it live is a jolt compared to a warm fuzzy sensation.

It was also a crazy week with my helper at work out. I pretty much ran my butt off for the last two weeks between practicing; going to see friends play; working; my open mic; working on a new piece of music with a friend; cat having dental surgery; blah… I think I might be pacing myself a little too fast currently – slowing down might be a good idea and allow me some time to catch up on some personal items.

I’m also learning a few songs by some friends of mine who have this cool band and I may play with them at a gig coming up real soon. I don’t want to say who and when yet because I haven’t learned the songs completely and I don’t want to play with them if I don’t get them down by the gig – we’ll see how it goes and of course, I’ll post about it!

Update: I just named and shared all the songs from the feature. If you follow the link below you’ll be taken to what I think was the best of set but you be the judge – you can listen to the other songs from that night or browse through some of the older solo recordings of me. I think I should not play Mother Nature at the Utah for at least a year considering I have about 5 recordings of just that song on the site and so many of my originals I’ve never even played there.

Here’s a link to Brian and I playing my song ‘Mother Nature’ form the set.

I’m also going to see if I can find my next gig for my music – anyone need an opening 2 piece band? Anyone know a bassist? 🙂 Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the music.



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