Hotel Utah Open Mic 7/30 Comedy / Parody Night

I don’t consider myself as funny as I do just a smart ass, but I tried to write a song about the ever popular topic of flatulence. I wrote a song called iFarted and although I haven’t played in it some time, I decided to take the easy route and not write or learn something to just do what I have. I did forget to practice the song beforehand but I’ve been really busy with a few other projects and I also like to keep my word so I stayed focused on the upcoming gig and then to another project where I’m co-writing with someone and just didn’t prioritize any time to practice the song. Now that I have my excuse for slop out of the way… šŸ™‚

The open mic that night was fabulous with many funny parodies and comical songs – on of the better was by a young lady who did a parody of ‘these are a few of my favorite things’ and based it on San Francisco. A lot of the other acts as well as this band from Chicago that didn’t play a funny song but played a really cool original song that everyone seemed to enjoy – I know I did!

Another fun night at The Utah – it’s damn nice and convenient to have this right in my backyard.

I just wanted to make a quick post about that and maybe I’ll share the song soon – I kind of flubbed there in the begging and towards the end again (punny ha!) but I haven’t made it public as of yet. There is a video on my YouTube channel that I made back when I first wrote the song but I think that sucks too!

I have gotten a lot better as a performer over the last 2 years and still have a bit of regret about not having learned to sing and write a lot sooner – like maybe 20 years sooner but it’s better late than never. I’m doing it now. I’m writing songs and I’m performing and I’m loving it. I’m just not not touring the country and really only my friends on the open mic scene here in San Francisco know me – but that’s still really cool to me.



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