My Music

I’m going to start posting some raw material and alternative versions/recordings of my music and songs.  

Heavy Sample 1 became Gopher Hunting

Heavy Sample 1 — This was fairly new at the time I made this video and was struggling with using a pick after a motorcycle wreck ended up with a titanium screw in my right wrist. I didn’t play it for a long time and it would eventually be added to Metal for Morgan as Gopher Hunting.

Add a goatee and Heavy Sample 2 becomes Diatomaceous Earth

Heavy Sample 2 — This would eventually be named Diatomaceous Earth and was a fun little instrumental that I came up with around the same period as Gopher Hunting. I forgot part of it when I recorded the version on my album Metal for Morgan, which was just the little roll between the first two riffs.

Heavy Sample 3 became ‘Hammification’

Heavy Sample 3 — This was an old piece that I came up with many years before this recording. As of this recording, I had just added a new part and fleshed out the whole instrumental. As of today this is called ‘Hammification’ on the new album, MfM, and it’s a bit different than the recording, and I may record it again in the future as I have a few other ideas for it.

A recording of my instrumental for my eldest cat, Ix. I recorded it September 10th 2011 at Bazaar Cafe for my birthday show.

This is for my middle kid, Ashe.

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