I’m the featured performer tonight at Neck of the Woods Open Mic (12/26/12)

Tonight (Wednesday 12/26) at 9:30PM I will be the featured performer at Neck of the Woods Open Mic – formerly the Rockit Room. Sign-ups start at 7:30PM with Rory Cloud as the host and Brentando slinging the brews. This was kind of a last minute thing so there was no way to really spam out an early notice and I know a lot of people are away for the holidays – anyway, I’m playing tonight! If you’re around…

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Sugar Ponies @ 50 Mason Social House 7/31

I met Suzanne and Michael a few months ago at Red Devil Open Mic and we’ve become good friends since. Their band Sugar Ponies is comprised of some very seasoned and creative musicians and I was exceptionally privileged to play with them – let me toss that out immediately. I had previously asked them if I could play with them as I do really like their music. The liked the idea and sent me some chords charts and recordings and I went to town on learning them.

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Hotel Utah Open Mic Feature Spot

Before I get started, I want to thank Brendan Getzell who hosts the open mic at the Utah, and the Utah itself for being ‘The ‘Ute”. You both rock!!! Literally 🙂

I’ve wanted to feature at the Utah for some time and finally, that day came. I played on July 23rd as the featured performer at the Hotel Utah Open Mic! That may not seem like much to a lot of people but it had significance to me for a few reasons.

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Featured performer 7/23/2012 Hotel Utah open mic = me!

I’ve been going to Hotel Utah’s open mic on and off for a while now but only recently started to attend every week, about 6 -7 weeks ago. I like this place – it’s right in my backyard and this open mic, as many others, has its own unique blend of performers and atmosphere. The Utah at my place of work, more commonly known as The Ute, is a popular place for my fellow employees to celebrate things worthy of drink! To that we recognize important company milestones; employee departures; the end of tough weeks; or for a big what the hell – The Ute is the place we go. So I’ve been there’s countless times not just for regular beer consumption but for the open mic. I first played there in September of 2010 when I was just a burgeoning artist and wanting to whip out my first few completed songs and test them.

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Exit Theatre – TONIGHT, Thunderegg and Brent Shinn!

Tonight at 8:30PM at Exit Theatre at 156 Eddy St. right off Mason St., just a short walk from buses and bart – Thundergg and I will perform a show in the cafe. Thunderegg is an awesome performer with quite a catalog and musical history where I’m just someone who has recently started trying to make a name for myself. I’m fortunate to be paired with such a great guy and fantastic musician – this should be a damn good evening. A big special thanks to Melissa Lyn and Songwriter Saturdays for giving us the chance to perform in such a cool place!

I like going to this event to catch a more intimate view of an artist as opposed to what you can only glean from open mics – this is a way to hear more at once and get a better picture and feel for a performer. Now it’s my chance to share my music along with Will – Thunderegg in a place I deeply admire.

I hope to see you there!


Exit Theatre

Featured Performer: Feb 7th 2012 @ Red Devil Lounge 9PM

I’m moving up in the world! Well, not much, but getting to be a featured performer at KC’s open mic at Red Devil Lounge is awesome to say the least. I’m extremely excited to perform and share more than just 2 songs at once and get to play out with Brian Correia on drums. This should be an interesting feature for us as we haven’t played outside a few small house parties at my place – it’s our first real gig!

We go on at 9PM and get to play for 30 minutes so come out and support us please!


Birthday Gig @ Bazaar Cafe 5927 California St. September 10th 7PM

I’m turning 40 and having my first solo show at Bazaar Cafe!

7PM-9:30PM September 10th.

Bazaar Cafe Website

I’m really quite excited and hope a lot of people show up. I’m going to break out a lot of music and a few songs that I haven’t played outside the walls of my apartment, so whether you like it or not, you’re sure to hear music you’ve never heard before. Come by and have some wine or a beer or some coffee or tea; have a snack and listen to live original music in one of the coolest cafes in the bay area.

Hope to see you there!


First House Concert: Update

The official date for the show is:

Saturday, May 07, 2011 from 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM (PT)

Tickets – FREE

Please make sure to obtain a ticket through Eventbrite, please. If you don’t have a ticket, then that’s ok since it’s a free show, however there’s only enough room for a certain number of people so I need to be precise.


House Concert: Official FIRST SHOW

Go here:


Then reserve your ticket – there are only 25 spots open for the first event and if things go well, then, I’ll increase it for the next show.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks – Brent.

House Concerts – Update

I’ve wanted to do a few small house concerts at my apartment – the place is huge and sort of wedge-shaped allowing a wide viewing area from the main room to the kitchen. I’ve been moving things around and running cables and testing sounds and adding lights with different colors and writing set lits – it’s coming. Soon, I will host the first official Brent’s House Concert Series featuring me, and hopefully some guest performers from time to time. The idea will be to perform on Saturday nights at first and then eventually add Friday depending on how sensitive my neighbors are to the idea and the noise. I do plan on keeping the shows relatively short by opening the door at 7:00 and then the performance starts at 7:30 with a break at 8:15 and then either a second performer or a second set that would last until 9:30 with the possibility of a few extra songs but shutting down at 10:00PM at the latest.

I’ll probably provide coffee, tea, and water.

More to come…