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  1. Hi,
    I worked across the room from you at LH back in ’98 or so. I Google you now and then. Go see the Doc about the lung hurts. It might be related to the back hurts and stomach hurts. You might have something as simple as pinched nerves/compressed disk. Surgery does wonderful things. 25 years ago it was day surgery…go home. Yes, when the meds wear off, it hurts. They will cut you. But you can work from home.
    Sorry about your Mom. That’s sad. šŸ˜•
    Go to shrink about depression. They make wonderful HAPPY pills. Why people drink when they get depressed I’ll never understand. Alcohol is a depressant.
    Good you’ve kept up with music. I bought copy of first cd. Not my type of music..classical. But good hobby. Still ride? I was fellow with GoldWing.
    Go join something that’s team effort. Co-ed. Like Church choir. Just don’t discuss lack of religion. Lots of people go to church for friendships/dating. Me? ,met wife thru LH. She was programmer at Koury. Perfect fit. Married 20 years. Even hermits can find love.
    Oh, and work on cynicism. No one wants to hang out with people bitching all the time. HAPPY pills will help. Work like long lasting runner’s high.
    So is Jon still in WVA?

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