Finnegan’s Novato Open Mic

Finnegan’s in Novato has been under the hosting awesomeness of KC Turner for over 5 years and draws and interesting and diverse crowd or fans and performers. I experienced this first hand recently and I have to admit that I was blown away by the reception of me and my abilities as well and the wonderful performers that graced my first evening in this North Bay open mic.

KC Turner is a powerhouse of promotion; open mics; house concerts; songwriting; the local scene; etc… I sound like a fan boy, but KC and I have developed a great relationship and I deeply enjoy attending any event he handles. Finnegan’s in Novato is no exception and he’s ran it for over 5 years not – a truly seasoned host and super likeable guy, KC makes you feel special and gives you the space to perform and share you creations.

I went up there for the first time last week and I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the supportive and wonderful regulars as well as about 10 people from the SF scene who drove up there to be part of this event. I loved the place and the food and the wine! Finnegan’s was fantastic and the open mic is in the back of the establishment and right next to the bathrooms so even better!

My turn came up and I played my song ‘Mother Nature’ and then my instrumental dedicated to my eldest cat ‘Ix’. I had a lot of pe0ple who said they really enjoyed my performance and mu skills and made me feel like a pile of gold! Thank you Diane and Ken especially – your words were super kind and inspiring and I can’t wait to come back and share more of my creations with you as well as experience some of you own.

I highly recommend this open mic as a nice getaway from the city and a chance to share yourself somewhere that isn’t SF and under the wonderful management of KC and his honed and skillful hosting.

See you soon Novato!



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