Moving Slowly – Hotel Utah Open Mic

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this song short of a few open mics. This was recorded recently at the Hotel Utah’s awesome open mic on January 7th 2013. (It really did take me 3 months to finish this post!)

Michael Beese was kind enough to improvise over it for me on his vio-fiddle thing.

Moving Slowly – Brent Shinn, Hotel Utah Saloon January 7th 2013 (Michael Beese – Fiddle) You can also hear more of my music on the site as well as an amazing archive of music from the performers as well as upcoming Utah related shows, tweets, and more!

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Featured performer 7/23/2012 Hotel Utah open mic = me!

I’ve been going to Hotel Utah’s open mic on and off for a while now but only recently started to attend every week, about 6 -7 weeks ago. I like this place – it’s right in my backyard and this open mic, as many others, has its own unique blend of performers and atmosphere. The Utah at my place of work, more commonly known as The Ute, is a popular place for my fellow employees to celebrate things worthy of drink! To that we recognize important company milestones; employee departures; the end of tough weeks; or for a big what the hell – The Ute is the place we go. So I’ve been there’s countless times not just for regular beer consumption but for the open mic. I first played there in September of 2010 when I was just a burgeoning artist and wanting to whip out my first few completed songs and test them.

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Support Local Music EVERYWHERE!

I love going to big concerts and will always do so, but it seems like the more popular or famous an artist, the more it costs! They’re really raking in the money these days with VIP packages and premium seating not to mention artists like Maynard James Keenan and Geoff Tate who do wine tastings – Maynard actually makes his own wine which I do admire and enjoy – excellent juice he makes! But my point is that maybe from time to time you could skip the bigger shows and see some local acts – maybe even if you don’t skip the shows, go see a local lesser known artist which a lot of the times tend to be free. I know not every part of the country is the same but here in the bay area it’s amazing how much music you can see for next to nothing and you can support the local scene and businesses that host these events as well. It’s economics and it helps both artists and business and local economies.

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UK Vacation and Open Mics!

I just back from my first trip to the UK and had an amazing time! So much history and so much to see – I love visiting new places for the first time and how it just opens up your senses and your brain. To me it feels like an indoor cat looks when you they go outside for the first time – peaked and intrigued!

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Finnegan’s Novato Open Mic

Finnegan’s in Novato has been under the hosting awesomeness of KC Turner for over 5 years and draws and interesting and diverse crowd or fans and performers. I experienced this first hand recently and I have to admit that I was blown away by the reception of me and my abilities as well and the wonderful performers that graced my first evening in this North Bay open mic.

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Open Mic at Hola! in Burlingame – ROCKED!

I failed in taking notes and I mean to take notes – I do, really. I want to blog about open mics around the bay area and elsewhere so I will scorn myself for not taking notes. In the future, expect names and better information but for now just expect a summary of the evening… I loved it! I’ve never played my music with a drummer and a bassist, let alone a pair of seasoned players and these guys were great – I was the one screwing up.

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Back to Open Mics?

I’m planning to start back with the open mic stuff again. I enjoy going out more to meet the other musicians and hear what they do than to perform, but I can’t say that’s not something I don’t enjoy. We’re so fortunate to have such a vibrant and active open mic community here in San Francisco and I’ve met and heard some amazing people. I’ve been in the woodshed so to say – honing my old material and writing some now as well as taking some voice lessons aside an aggressive guitar practice schedule.

I’m a lot better than I was 4 months ago and having met a drummer really changed the game for me. I love having other people to jam with and a drummer is the first choice – now I just need a bassist/guitarist. I’d be willing to join another songwriter who can and is willing to play bass on my songs in trade for the same. I have basses and amps and everything we need including a practice space in my apartment with small limitations.

If you’re a songwriter/guitarist/bassist – talk to me! I’ll also gladly accept a straight out bass player as well – I’m not playing favorites!