Red Devil Open Mic – 1/10/2012

Last night was the first open mic of 2012 for Red Devil Lounge with KC Turner hosting and we’re thankful to have it back in swing! Red Devil’s open mic is one that I find it hard to miss – the atmosphere is cool and there are always new people coming from all over and of course, us regulars. KC as usual sets up a great night with his now becoming infamous tag line “rad” and presents with a sense that makes you feel welcome. I think KC really has what it takes to be a fantastic promoter and host and it shows in what he does: the man is dedicated to his trade and not only that – he’s a great songwriter/performer.

Kara Goslin was the featured performer last night and the there was quite a line for the sign-up as well as people to watch Kara and friends of performers. Damn good evening – I played at 8:30 and even though I screwed up the 2nd verse in my new song ‘One Good Eye’, I felt I played pretty good and the energy was great. Kara started a little after 9 and was awesome as usual – I don’t want to spend too much time on performers but this young lady writes some great songs and is definitely worth seeing perform.

Back to the norm it was and as much as I enjoy the open mic, I also enjoy waiting in line and talking to people and the awesome Banh Mi sandwiches from Banh Mi Love You Long Time! I normally eat really early but I have to wait for the Banh Mi on Tuesday nights at Red Devil – delicious!

There was a great batch of performers and we even had someone come all the way from Santa Cruz (that’s really not that far). Again, it’s always great to meet people from all over the area and people traveling that stop in and share their music – this open mic is mainly acoustic as is the scene here but you get a variety of instruments, styles, and people – love it!

I’m the featured performer on February 7th at 9PM so if you haven’t checked out this awesome San Francisco open mic, then you should on that night so you can see me and experience the venue!



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