Here are some electronic stuff and some performance as well – I’ll add more as I have time.

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Featured Performer: Feb 7th 2012 @ Red Devil Lounge 9PM

I’m moving up in the world! Well, not much, but getting to be a featured performer at KC’s open mic at Red Devil Lounge is awesome to say the least. I’m extremely excited to perform and share more than just 2 songs at once and get to play out with Brian Correia on drums. This should be an interesting feature for us as we haven’t played outside a few small house parties at my place – it’s our first real gig!

We go on at 9PM and get to play for 30 minutes so come out and support us please!


Too many shows lately!

I know that seems like a good problem but I seriously have been seeing a lot of live music and I’m good for it. Old bands I love when I was young and some I never really listened to but knew and went to see them just because! I think still out of the whole year so far – Soundgarden and A Perfect Circle take the cake for best overall shows, however Blues Traveler utterly kicked a huge pile of ass and I was happy to see them even though they did a 2 night bit and I just went the first.

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Indian village renames itself for company in show of gratitude.

Link to original article.

I admire people like this – this guy came to the US to study on a visa and after it expired, he returned to India and started a company. His company has been successful and after a water-cooler conversation with a co-worker, he decided to help a small village by installing 15 hand water pumps so they didn’t have to trek long distances to collect unclean water.

Clean water is the most important resource in the world yet we ignore it and do not appreciate it. Diarrhea sadly is a leading killer in poor under-developed countries and that typically comes from parasites and pathogens in the water – providing clean water can cause amazing changes in areas where previously they have had little ways to produce it.

I admire people like this and it just goes to show a new class of people who don’t care about material items as much and prefer to help their fellow man out. We should all learn from this – if we all learn to help each other, wouldn’t it make the world a better place? Can anyone pose an honest and logical argument against helping people? Sure there limits to what you can do before people become dependent and we do not want to create a welfare situation but some things can be provided and hopefully the people will be left with the impression that someone helped them and they should want to help others. I hope it starts to spread like a plague.

My hat is off to you, Kunal Bahl – keep up the awesome work.


Back to Open Mics?

I’m planning to start back with the open mic stuff again. I enjoy going out more to meet the other musicians and hear what they do than to perform, but I can’t say that’s not something I don’t enjoy. We’re so fortunate to have such a vibrant and active open mic community here in San Francisco and I’ve met and heard some amazing people. I’ve been in the woodshed so to say – honing my old material and writing some now as well as taking some voice lessons aside an aggressive guitar practice schedule.

I’m a lot better than I was 4 months ago and having met a drummer really changed the game for me. I love having other people to jam with and a drummer is the first choice – now I just need a bassist/guitarist. I’d be willing to join another songwriter who can and is willing to play bass on my songs in trade for the same. I have basses and amps and everything we need including a practice space in my apartment with small limitations.

If you’re a songwriter/guitarist/bassist – talk to me! I’ll also gladly accept a straight out bass player as well – I’m not playing favorites!

First House Concert: Update

The official date for the show is:

Saturday, May 07, 2011 from 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM (PT)

Tickets – FREE

Please make sure to obtain a ticket through Eventbrite, please. If you don’t have a ticket, then that’s ok since it’s a free show, however there’s only enough room for a certain number of people so I need to be precise.


A New Song

I recored this video in a park in Buenos Aires with a lot of distractions. I also recorded a few other songs but they all came out green and unusable – I think my little cheap video camera for live recording sucks if you ask me – I won’t name the device.

But anyway – here’s my song ‘Glad You’re Gone’. It’s about being happy and sad that you’ve moved on from a relationship. I can relate many times over and I know a lot of people can as well – I hope you enjoy it.