Indian village renames itself for company in show of gratitude.

Link to original article.

I admire people like this – this guy came to the US to study on a visa and after it expired, he returned to India and started a company. His company has been successful and after a water-cooler conversation with a co-worker, he decided to help a small village by installing 15 hand water pumps so they didn’t have to trek long distances to collect unclean water.

Clean water is the most important resource in the world yet we ignore it and do not appreciate it. Diarrhea sadly is a leading killer in poor under-developed countries and that typically comes from parasites and pathogens in the water – providing clean water can cause amazing changes in areas where previously they have had little ways to produce it.

I admire people like this and it just goes to show a new class of people who don’t care about material items as much and prefer to help their fellow man out. We should all learn from this – if we all learn to help each other, wouldn’t it make the world a better place? Can anyone pose an honest and logical argument against helping people? Sure there limits to what you can do before people become dependent and we do not want to create a welfare situation but some things can be provided and hopefully the people will be left with the impression that someone helped them and they should want to help others. I hope it starts to spread like a plague.

My hat is off to you, Kunal Bahl – keep up the awesome work.


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