Good weekend of practice…

I’ve decided to take my vacation this year in small chunks of 2 days at the end of the week for the rest of the year – It will enable me to have 4 day weekends until January. I found the first one of these 4 day stay-cations to be exceptional! I didn’t get everything I wanted to accomplished completed, but I made some huge steps forward in recording video and the setup for doing so plus a ton of practice. I find I want to practice guitar more than singing but the better I get with singing and my songwriting, the more I like to do it so hopefully one day it’ll be about 50% of what I do.

I managed to take a few older pieces and give them some new life with a bit of practice and some concept – I like to think of things when I write that the piece might be about and I like to feel that helps me add some emotion and foundation to what I write. I might just be shitting myself, but it’s fun for me to do so whatever!

I’m anxiously awaiting my next 4 day weekend and plan on doing just about the same things, but I will certainly record a few more videos now that I have the whole process sorted out and the quality is a lot better than before. I was having issue with either the sound or the light or whatever and decided to spend some time and experiment – a beneficial endeavor as it proved to be. I’ll post more and hopefully some more videos once I get more completed – here’s the only real good bit I managed to record over the weekend. This is a piece I call ’16’ because I was about 16 when I wrote it and that time in my life had a certain flavor to it and this instrumental brings a lot of things from that period to mind when I play and hear it.

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