House Concert: Official FIRST SHOW

Go here:

Then reserve your ticket – there are only 25 spots open for the first event and if things go well, then, I’ll increase it for the next show.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks – Brent.

Practice night!

I actually had looked a little for a drummer but wasn’t really serious that I would find one, let alone so fast. Fortunately for me I found one and we’ve been playing together for a short while and working on my original music mostly. I have a few samples up but I don’t really want to share them until we have a much better recording scenario in place. I have all the equipment we need – it’s just getting it all in the right place, connected, and ready to go – then you can record some crude live like impromptu recordings of your music. That’s what I hope to start doing every performance and eventually, maybe, some real good versions of the songs or spontaneous creations will yield something worth sharing.

Maybe tomorrow there will be music!


New Gear: Taylor GS Mini

I’ve had the Baby Taylor for a few years now and it’s a nice little guitar to fart around on but it just doesn’t seem to hold my interest quite that long. It’s like some peculiar effect or tuning – it’s fun for a bit but not that long.

The GS Mini is a lot better at hold my interest and Taylor has actually found an interesting overall geometry that makes the guitar easy to play and sound more like a full sized guitar but with a slight ring reminiscent of putting the capo on the 3rd or 5th fret.

I didn’t buy the add-in electronics and will at a further date – for now this guitar is for my up coming trip. When I get back I’ll have played the crap out of the GS mini and I’ll will post my thoughts. I probably at that point will add the electronics and see what other dimensions the GS mini can fill.

More to come…


House Concerts – Update

I’ve wanted to do a few small house concerts at my apartment – the place is huge and sort of wedge-shaped allowing a wide viewing area from the main room to the kitchen. I’ve been moving things around and running cables and testing sounds and adding lights with different colors and writing set lits – it’s coming. Soon, I will host the first official Brent’s House Concert Series featuring me, and hopefully some guest performers from time to time. The idea will be to perform on Saturday nights at first and then eventually add Friday depending on how sensitive my neighbors are to the idea and the noise. I do plan on keeping the shows relatively short by opening the door at 7:00 and then the performance starts at 7:30 with a break at 8:15 and then either a second performer or a second set that would last until 9:30 with the possibility of a few extra songs but shutting down at 10:00PM at the latest.

I’ll probably provide coffee, tea, and water.

More to come…


It’s coming together

Slowly and surely I’m getting all the smaller pieces in place and soon I should have a professional level web presence and demo package. I should have quality recordings of my music and songs as well as a promotional package. This have changed a little from day to day as I realize new options and new directions present – finding a drummer recently changed a lot of things and for the better. I’m extremely enthusiastic to get some more practice time in with him and then hammer out some older ideas as well as new ones – anything to get some music out here in the wild so the world can experience it.