New song…

I wrote a new piece and everyone who hears it likes it so I’m going to make an effort to record it ASAP and post it – it feels good to write something you’re proud of. Unlike an author penning the last sentence to a novel, or a painter making that last stroke, strumming the last chord of a new song isn’t sometimes quite as obvious to the artist; I guess that’s what makes writing music more interesting to me is that it never has to be finished or completed, and it like like and matter evolves in time. I know a lot of artists will play you the exact same song you hear on the radio or CD, but I always liked it when a bit of evolution takes place or even just an improvised arrangement or addition to the song, making it fresh and unknown – an element that’s lost in music after listening to the same things over and over for years. I feel numb to a certain degree and I blame radio however I haven’t been an avid listener for many years – TV the same, I don’t do it. I think that formatted media has caused just far too many clones of cliches and fad and hip mainstream popular things that people do and wear and say. If they see something a popular band is doing, then watch out – the Clone Wars begins!

I hope never to be a follower of fads or the latest whatever – I don’t do that. I don’t like doing what other people do or say and I surely like to keep that anthem in my writing and composition. I have always made an effort to be as organic as possible in my writing and not let any one source influence me so much as to be obvious – I hide what made me well I like to think.

I’m working hard to practice and perfect some of these songs, to evolve them to a point I think I can share them and open the door in to my world of wonderment and inspiration.


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