I’m in the shed…

I’ve decided to focus on my music and quit hitting the open mic scene for a while – most likely until the first of 2011. My idea is to really maximize my practice time and composition time – I want to make what I do a lot better and make more of what I do, period. I have a slew of new bits that growing in to songs as I discover new parts and hone the old; my playing is growing dramatically with the new techniques and approaches that I’ve been adding to my palette over the last year. I’ve moved to a finger-style player mostly, but I think it’s more or less just a current focus and I’ll always retain and practice my pick playing on both acoustic, and electric. I do feel as though the nylon string will be my main instrument in the near future, but that might just be a fad with me as I further develop my new music – I will probably go back to playing heavy electric music one day, but as with normal, I won’t just play one style or genre – never!

I’m also spending a little time in the studio and recording some of my older, more solid instrumentals, and I’m also working at home to record some slightly-more-than-crude versions of my new songs and focus on singing. The singing lessons are really helping me out and if anyone needs some vocal lessons in the city (San Francisco), let me know and I’ll see if my teacher is available – she’s awesome!

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