Sprinter Van

This is to become a page dedicated to my van. I bought a Mercedes 4×4 3500 144″ High Roof Sprinter a few years back and have struggled with having space to ‘build-it-out’, the process of finding the pieces I want, then having to move and rearrange a tiny garage in a house with too many people living in it. Every time I wanted to work on it, I would spend half my time moving things so I had space to work. I now have the space issues rectified but some of my critical tools and pieces are still not here.

A dry lake bed near Vegas.

In my space-constrained capacity, I still managed to build the bottom interior walls and insulate the lower half of the van with FatMat. I worry that nothing is really squared or straight due to the driveway I was working on being tiled to the left and at about a 30 degree angle on a hill. So if you dropped anything, it was rolling off the west side and then down the hill.

Current Sprinter Projects

  • Build base electrical distribution block under passenger seat
  • Connect sub-woofers with power and RCA cables
  • Replace door speakers (ordered)
  • Replace stereo head unit
  • Assemble rear-wheel boxes (trim at ex’s house)
  • Install inverter in right side box
  • Finish wiring back electrical
  • Install rear speakers and power amp
  • Install hood lights

The following gallery: I bought a Mototote motorcycle carrier. Really good one, too. I sold my motorcycle but I think I may just have to buy another. The new tires. And a dry lake bed outside Vegas, and a blizzard in Truckee.