I only have one and she was dubbed ‘The Sun Goddess” by the builder.


  • W14Ce 2011 Spring Limited
  • NS32ce


  • M-II USA
  • Vintage Plus 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Custom Semi-Hollow Eclipse
  • LTD  B-416SM
  • Edwards Mini Eclipse


  • Yamaha Nylon Classical (80’s model)
  • Ibanez RG2228A 8 String
  • Taka 5-String Banjo


  • 2005 Bogner Uberschall – Bogner 4×12
  • 2012 Bogner Barcelona

Effects – I’m working on a wiring diagram for my electric / acoustic rig – soon to come! I promise!

  • ProCo Rat – Keeley Modified
  • Fulltone OCD
  • Fulltone Choralflange
  • Fulltone Ultimate Octave
  • MXR 10-Band EQ
  • MXR Compressor
  • Morley Bad Horsie 2
  • Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer TS9DX
  • Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
  • Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
  • Digitech JamMan
  • Talor A/B Box
  • Voodoo Labs Pedal Switcher x 2
  • George L Cables
  • SKB PS-45 Pedal Board x 2

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