Help Save Bazaar Cafe!

Bazaar Cafe is fondly my favorite place to play open mic and hang out in general in the city of San Francisco. I’ve been going there on and off for over a year now and I consider it to be a foundational and fundamental part of the local music scene for new and the up and coming artists from anywhere. I’ve seen people from all over the world stop in and I’ve met some incredible and inspiring artists and people in general while attending open mic or other performances. Right now, Bazaar is in financial trouble and they need some help to stay open and I’m posting this in support of them and asking that if you appreciate Bazaar, or Les, or just local original performers and artists then this is something of value you can help save.

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Back to Open Mics?

I’m planning to start back with the open mic stuff again. I enjoy going out more to meet the other musicians and hear what they do than to perform, but I can’t say that’s not something I don’t enjoy. We’re so fortunate to have such a vibrant and active open mic community here in San Francisco and I’ve met and heard some amazing people. I’ve been in the woodshed so to say – honing my old material and writing some now as well as taking some voice lessons aside an aggressive guitar practice schedule.

I’m a lot better than I was 4 months ago and having met a drummer really changed the game for me. I love having other people to jam with and a drummer is the first choice – now I just need a bassist/guitarist. I’d be willing to join another songwriter who can and is willing to play bass on my songs in trade for the same. I have basses and amps and everything we need including a practice space in my apartment with small limitations.

If you’re a songwriter/guitarist/bassist – talk to me! I’ll also gladly accept a straight out bass player as well – I’m not playing favorites!

House Concert: Official FIRST SHOW

Go here:

Then reserve your ticket – there are only 25 spots open for the first event and if things go well, then, I’ll increase it for the next show.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks – Brent.

House Concerts – Update

I’ve wanted to do a few small house concerts at my apartment – the place is huge and sort of wedge-shaped allowing a wide viewing area from the main room to the kitchen. I’ve been moving things around and running cables and testing sounds and adding lights with different colors and writing set lits – it’s coming. Soon, I will host the first official Brent’s House Concert Series featuring me, and hopefully some guest performers from time to time. The idea will be to perform on Saturday nights at first and then eventually add Friday depending on how sensitive my neighbors are to the idea and the noise. I do plan on keeping the shows relatively short by opening the door at 7:00 and then the performance starts at 7:30 with a break at 8:15 and then either a second performer or a second set that would last until 9:30 with the possibility of a few extra songs but shutting down at 10:00PM at the latest.

I’ll probably provide coffee, tea, and water.

More to come…


Bazaar Cafe

Another excellent night at the Bazaar Cafe – I love playing at this place; Bazaar is small and intimate and warm and comforting. I feel better playing out here and immensely enjoy the collection of regular and irregular artists that comprise the play lists. Of special note is ‘Bugs in Costumes’ some very creative ladies that make some very funny songs about, well, you should hear them… I always look forward to playing here and should be there just about every Thursday from here on…