Help Save Bazaar Cafe!

Bazaar Cafe is fondly my favorite place to play open mic and hang out in general in the city of San Francisco. I’ve been going there on and off for over a year now and I consider it to be a foundational and fundamental part of the local music scene for new and the up and coming artists from anywhere. I’ve seen people from all over the world stop in and I’ve met some incredible and inspiring artists and people in general while attending open mic or other performances. Right now, Bazaar is in financial trouble and they need some help to stay open and I’m posting this in support of them and asking that if you appreciate Bazaar, or Les, or just local original performers and artists then this is something of value you can help save.

The amount of people who treasure and love Bazaar is astounding and I’m hoping that enough people can afford to pitch in and save Bazaar and help keep this amazing little place stay open. I don’t know all the details and it doesn’t really matter – I know the economy has been bad and less people are going out and spending less money and that’s just the same everywhere so we have to take that in to consideration and we know a lot of places like Bazaar have succumbed to the same problems and fate dealt them a final blow – I’ve seen so many restaurants here in the city shut down or even worse – open then 6 months later close their doors.

I know personally from having worked a bit in the food industry when I was young that the profit margin is really low and the operational costs continue to go up. It’s a struggle for small and privately owned establishments to make it through the rough spots unlike a large corporate chain where the sheer number of them allows rough spots where the main company can financially support. When a small business has these low times, it’s usually the end of them and this is one time where it would be a massively tragic loss to see this happen – to see Bazaar Cafe close down and be no more. I don’t want to see that so I’ve pitched in some cash myself and I’m hoping that more and more people can before January 2nd and help this amazing cafe remain open and hopefully keep on cranking out the music and art and down home type awesomeness.

Click here to go to the Bazaar Cafe donation page.

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