Open Mic at Hola! in Burlingame – ROCKED!

I failed in taking notes and I mean to take notes – I do, really. I want to blog about open mics around the bay area and elsewhere so I will scorn myself for not taking notes. In the future, expect names and better information but for now just expect a summary of the evening… I loved it! I’ve never played my music with a drummer and a bassist, let alone a pair of seasoned players and these guys were great – I was the one screwing up.

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Bazaar Saved!

Apparently Bazaar Cafe has a lot of people who really care that it stays open and I for one, am extremely thankful for that. The main host and someone intimately involved with Bazaar, Robin Galante posted that they reached their goal of $7000 in one day and the doors will remain open come January 2nd! Hooray! I will surely be attending more shows there this year as I can and of course the open mics as often as my schedule allows. It’s truly amazing to see so many people come together so quickly to save a massively important part of the local music scene that really defines part of what makes the local vibe what it is. Thanks to everyone and please continue to support local music by visiting local open mics and original performances where you can – it’s genuinely one cool way to support your local economy and your local artists.

Help Save Bazaar Cafe!

Bazaar Cafe is fondly my favorite place to play open mic and hang out in general in the city of San Francisco. I’ve been going there on and off for over a year now and I consider it to be a foundational and fundamental part of the local music scene for new and the up and coming artists from anywhere. I’ve seen people from all over the world stop in and I’ve met some incredible and inspiring artists and people in general while attending open mic or other performances. Right now, Bazaar is in financial trouble and they need some help to stay open and I’m posting this in support of them and asking that if you appreciate Bazaar, or Les, or just local original performers and artists then this is something of value you can help save.

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Ix – an original isntrumental dedicated to my eldest cat.

A newer recording of one of my instrumentals.

Pictures on

Flickr is where I host them and here you go: Brent Andrew Shinn pics on

Here are some electronic stuff and some performance as well – I’ll add more as I have time.

Brent Andrew Shinn on SoundCloud

This is my YouTube Channel where I host all my videos currently.

Featured Performer: Feb 7th 2012 @ Red Devil Lounge 9PM

I’m moving up in the world! Well, not much, but getting to be a featured performer at KC’s open mic at Red Devil Lounge is awesome to say the least. I’m extremely excited to perform and share more than just 2 songs at once and get to play out with Brian Correia on drums. This should be an interesting feature for us as we haven’t played outside a few small house parties at my place – it’s our first real gig!

We go on at 9PM and get to play for 30 minutes so come out and support us please!


Too many shows lately!

I know that seems like a good problem but I seriously have been seeing a lot of live music and I’m good for it. Old bands I love when I was young and some I never really listened to but knew and went to see them just because! I think still out of the whole year so far – Soundgarden and A Perfect Circle take the cake for best overall shows, however Blues Traveler utterly kicked a huge pile of ass and I was happy to see them even though they did a 2 night bit and I just went the first.

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Birthday Gig @ Bazaar Cafe 5927 California St. September 10th 7PM

I’m turning 40 and having my first solo show at Bazaar Cafe!

7PM-9:30PM September 10th.

Bazaar Cafe Website

I’m really quite excited and hope a lot of people show up. I’m going to break out a lot of music and a few songs that I haven’t played outside the walls of my apartment, so whether you like it or not, you’re sure to hear music you’ve never heard before. Come by and have some wine or a beer or some coffee or tea; have a snack and listen to live original music in one of the coolest cafes in the bay area.

Hope to see you there!