Double Fine MEGA-FAN PACK!

I used to work for Double Fine Productions. I no longer want these items and I figured that someone, somewhere, a fan or not, might be interested in them so here you are. I want to sell these items as one lump lot. I will ship them, but only after I receive the payment and the buyer will have to pay for the shipping. I don’t want to take international bids for these items, unless they’re really good ones! If you’re interested in this Double Fine MEGA-FAN PACK, then reply to this post and I’ll get back to you — no replies will be made public.

I will include one surprise item in the pack that was not made available to the public.

Here’s the formal list and everyone will go in one giant pack. Most of these items are things that you could only get as an employee and most of those were one-time items. There are a lot of items that you can get from their store, still, mainly only shirts, but some of the shirts I have are launch shirts, or were only printed once for a specific event. If the item says 2HB, that stands for ‘Two Headed Baby’, which if you’re a fan, then you’ll know what that is… All T-Shirts are men’s large.

1) Double Fine Employee Handbook

2) Eddie Riggs Statue

3) Handmade Two Headed Baby by DF fan Anna the Red

4) Christmas Cards – unused

5) Company Christmas cards signed by Tim

6) Cave Action Figures – opened

7) iPhone Brutal Legend Wrap

8) Brutal Legend for Xbox 360

9) Unopened Once Upon A Monster for Xbox 360

10) Beach Towel

11) Frisbee

12) 4 Beer Glasses with cooler bag.

13) Padded Seat Cushion — this was part of a folding chair that was so cheap it fell apart.

14) Coffee Cup — this is not the same as the one you could get from the store, this isn’t painted, it’s etched.

15) Floating Keychain

16) Scarf and Tobogan

17) Brutal Legend Hoodie (Black)

18) Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Hoodie

19) Brutal Legend Small Poster

20) T-Shirts — Male, Large.

21) The Cave Puzzle — Unopened

22) 2HB Patch

23) Brutal Legend Sticker

24) Various Magazines — articles about Double Fine or something related.

Eddie_Side_large win-a-limited-edition-brutal-legend-statue-or-t-shirt-designed-by-mishka-nyc_large GDC-Guide1 DFP-HoodieAF20122 DFP-HoodieAF20121 DFP-BL1 DFP-Dracogon 2009Xmas2 CavePuzzle Frisbee TowelFrisbee CaveAC ChairPad BLGelSkin DFP-Backer2 DFP-Backer1 DFP-PAX2012 DFP-Xmas2LP GDC-Guide2 DFP-BL-Hoodie2 DFP-BL-Hoodie1 DFP-BL-Launch2 DFP-BL-Launch1 DFP-BL-Tour2 BusCard Sticker1 XboxGames XmasCard2F BLMOMag XmasCard1LP DFPHandBook GoGMag ScarfTobog 2HB3 2HB2 2HB1 KeyChain1 KeyChain2 2HBPatch BLSticker StatueBox1 StatueBox2 BLPreorder1 BLPreorder2 BLPoster 2009Xmas1 DFP-Green2HB2 DFP-Orange DFP-Green2 DFP-WR-Green DFP-Orange2HB DFP-BL2 DFP-BL-Tour1

4 thoughts on “Double Fine MEGA-FAN PACK!

  1. I got something to say … ^^ … or better to ask.
    I just found your blog entry as I googled for more stuff from Brütal Legend because I love the game. As this post is quite old I wonder if this pack is already gone. I guess so, because it’s so awesome in it’s entirety and every single piece itself too. Would be mysterious if you still have this. But nonetheless I had to ask even if the chance is very minimal.

    So please let me know if you already sold it or not. In the unbelievable case you still have it I’ll make a bid.

    Thanks in advance for your answer!



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