Exit Theatre – Songwriter Saturdays

This is a great little event hosted by Melissa Lyn almost every Saturday at the Exit Theater on Eddy St. in downtown San Francisco. It’s not too far in to the sketchy area so it’s a safe walk from Powell St.

First I want to mention that I’ll be playing there sometime in the near future with Will Georgantas ‘Thunder Egg’ but I don’t know the exact date and I will post it when I do! Nonetheless! Last night was awesome – Scott Mickelson from the band Fat Opie was the first performer and if you know Scott, you expect he’s going to give you a damn good show – and he did. I like Scott’s style and mixture of his roots and Americana – a definitely entertaining artist to check out. Secondly, Anthony Bello, who I know from Facebook but just met for the first time last night played last and it was a pleasant surprise. Anthony is one funny guy and reflects his sense of humor in his music quite tastefully – I absolutely enjoyed his performance.

The shows at Exit Theatre are held in the cafe and start up at 8PM – normally the host will perform a few songs while people are still arriving and then hand off to the first performer. Exit offers a great selection of drinks and food and they always have free pretzels! You can’t lose with free pretzels! I also poured my first can of Guinness last night and got it right the second try (after Ryan Clark instructed me!) – I’m developing a love for that beer.

If you want to experience some local original talent then Exist Theater’s Songwriter Saturdays is an awesome way to do it and Melissa runs a great show as well as being an awesome performer herself.

Exit Theatre

Fat Opie

Anthony Bello

Melissa Lyn

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