Back to the woodshed…

I managed to move to a much smaller and cheaper apartment directly across from my work – which is surprisingly pleasant and makes giving my cats medication much easier 🙂 I do have to say that being so close to the office has been better than I imagined and I do love the commute! Now that I’m moved, I still have a few small lingering items to deal with like a car to sell, and my washer and dryer I no longer have a place to hook-up, and then finalizing my unpacking and organization but it’s coming along nicely and by the end of the month I should be able to relax and record – which leads to the reason for this post.

I spend a lot of time practicing my guitar skills and my songs and singing – but I want to record my first CD and I want it to be all instrumentals and that’s going to be my focus for a few months while I hone the performance and arrangements to where I’m happy and I better learn to use my recording gear at home and crank out some quality. I have a lot of new songs as well and an 8-string guitar to experiment with and I just managed to upgrade the firmware on my Eleven Rack to the newest version and there’s a lot of difference between the factory version the device shipped with when I purchased it over a year ago.

Now it’s nylon and steel string finger style marathons and creative sessions where I try to make sense of my lyrics and learn to sing my songs better. I have a few that are about 90% complete and they need some extra effort to complete – I hope to have those ready soon.

My plan for now will be minimal open mics (except for the one I host and random new t0 me open mics) for the next few months while I finish up the apartment and record a large portion of my catalog. I also need to continue to bolster my web presence and finally get some music online so people can hear different versions of my songs and instrumentals as well as purchase them! I’m not so sure I’ll go with a service like Spotify right now but I want to at least get some music posted through Tunecore or something so it can be purchased.

The recording! I’ve never been very patient nor good at it but now I have to do it if I want to grow in my career as a musician or at least as an active hobby, then it’s an imperative!

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