New Gear: Taylor GS Mini

I’ve had the Baby Taylor for a few years now and it’s a nice little guitar to fart around on but it just doesn’t seem to hold my interest quite that long. It’s like some peculiar effect or tuning – it’s fun for a bit but not that long.

The GS Mini is a lot better at hold my interest and Taylor has actually found an interesting overall geometry that makes the guitar easy to play and sound more like a full sized guitar but with a slight ring reminiscent of putting the capo on the 3rd or 5th fret.

I didn’t buy the add-in electronics and will at a further date – for now this guitar is for my up coming trip. When I get back I’ll have played the crap out of the GS mini and I’ll will post my thoughts. I probably at that point will add the electronics and see what other dimensions the GS mini can fill.

More to come…


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