I was trying to find a version of this I like – here.

This was my 40th birthday show at Bazaar Cafe and this is my favorite instrumental. It’s a piece I wrote in mind of my eldest cat, Ix. She’s a funny thing and hard to coin she was. She’s always been the sweetest kid and a lap magnet to the core. Each of my cats has their own piece and this belongs to her.

Pictures on Flickr.com

Flickr is where I host them and here you go: Brent Andrew Shinn pics on Flickr.com


Here are some electronic stuff and some performance as well – I’ll add more as I have time.

Brent Andrew Shinn on SoundCloud


This is my YouTube Channel where I host all my videos currently.

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I have been far out of the loop on what’s popular and how to hook it all together in the social media realm. I’m going to figure out how to get the more common links up and some more items to allow better interaction with me and my social presence. Facebook, Myspace, etc… Coming Soon!